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Hemos abierto una nueva sección donde todo el que quiera podrá enviarnos fotografías de aplicaciones que os parezcan interesantes, dignas de conocer, situaciones especiales fuera de lo normal, fotos artísticas, bonitas, curiosas…Si tenéis normales también las podéis enviar, en definitiva, fotografías de vuestras experiencias que deseéis compartir con el sector de la soldadura de tubería plástica.


También queremos publicar en nuestro blog, informes, presentaciones, proyectos final de carrera, artículos de la soldadura plástica, etc. Que servirán para enriquecer nuestro contenido y sobretodo tener una interacción con los lectores. Por este motivo te pedimos que si tienes algo interesante que te gustaría que publicásemos, nos envíes el documento con tus datos y en pocos días, lo verás publicado en BlogPlastics.

172A• Break pressure manholes

In some installations with a steep and long slope in which water goes down from a deposit, spring, etc. it is necessary to break the growing pressure which is produced in the parte inferior of the pipe with the aim of not having excessive pressure in the case that the pipe transfers the load or suffers some obstruction.Leer más



From 1993 to 2004, when it was enacted the European normative EN 12201:2003, the PE 80 and PE 100 pipes were manufactured with some TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS whose content was exactly equal to the project of European normative prEN 12201. The Certification of AENOR in basis of the corresponding PARTICULAR REGULATION RP01.35 for PE 100 pipes and RP01.41 fr the PE 80 pipes, gives place to a CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY, whose nº was marked in the pipe and identified the manufacturer. Since 2003 these pipes have been manufactured with the Brand “N” of AENOR. These pipes were designed with a safety coefficient C = 1.25, in fact the compound PE 100 which was born at the beginning of the 1990 and was used to manufacture PE 100 pipes with a coefficient C = 1.25.Leer más



The Subcommittee of normalization of AENOR SC2 “Plastic pipes and fittings” whose Secretary’s office is masterfully run by Mª Carmen del Amo of ANAIP, which depends on the Technical Committee of Normalization CTN 53 “Plastics and Rubber” of AENOR, whose Secretary’s office runs the entities ANAIP and COFACO.Leer más


drenotube® is a drainage perform which substitutes the classic drainage system. It is composed of 4 elements:

Grooved pipe – corrugated of doubled wall HDPE for the water conduction and evacuation. For the connection of the modulus it is included sockets of quick plugging. The external and internal diameter of the pipe is 110 mm and 90 mm, respectively.Leer más


Information provided by Josep Madurell of drenotube® (Fumoso Industrial S.A.).

A drainage is a device which works according to the type of soil on which it is installed, that is to say, if we put a pipe of higher section, it is not going to collect more water, and thus we can find the paradox that due to the hydraulic transmission of the soil it is oversized.Leer más