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The pipes of the supply network, are normally buried in the subsoil of the towns, under pavements, asphalt, paving stones, etc., covered with filling ground, gravel, graded-aggregate or buried and protected with concrete at junctions of streets or points where they can suffer high loads. It is not common that the pipes run visibly on the surface or on the interior side of visited galleries, conditions under which it would be simple to find the exact point of the damage and repair it.Leer más


In the AMI seminar, FRIATEC ( introduced a new generation of electrofusion fittings Frialen –XL for PE pipe joining large diameter up to 1200mm which solves the Ovality problem and outer diameter Tolerances, that are important in these dimensions, through flexible electrofusion couplers.Leer más



The Subcommittee of normalization of AENOR SC2 “Plastic pipes and fittings” whose Secretary’s office is masterfully run by Mª Carmen del Amo of ANAIP, which depends on the Technical Committee of Normalization CTN 53 “Plastics and Rubber” of AENOR, whose Secretary’s office runs the entities ANAIP and COFACO.Leer más


The geothermic conditioning is a much more efficient system of conditioning than the conventional systems that, besides, are classified as renewable energy. This technology is widely developed in many countries of the European Union, United States and Canada. The market of the shallow geothermic energy or of low enthalpy (whose direct product is heating, cooling and/or sanitary hot water) started its development in Spain around the year 2004.Leer más


Geothermic Energy

The geothermic energy is the utilization of energy stored in the way of heat under the solid surface of the Earth. From the Greek “geos” = earth and “thermos” = heat.

Some 4.500 millions of years ago, the Earth was an immense burning ball made essentially of gases and dust. When that nebula cooled and consolidated, some 3.800 millions of years ago, a hard crust was formed which caught inside a huge quantity of heat, which nowadays still persists making the planet an enormous natural boiler.Leer más