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The transformation of the plastic materials by extrusion (pipes) or by injection (fittings) allow us working with very tight manufacturing tolerances that make it easy the tightness of the different elements of plastic material which are part of a water network (sewer, supply, etc.). Such small tolerances can’t be got with other kinds of materials, for example of cast concrete.Leer más


I believe that it is very interesting what was commented by JUAN ANTONIO PEÑA MARRUFO, Design Engineer, within the group of LinkedIn AIDT (Spanish Association of Engineers and Designers of Pipes) so here I reproduce the text, extended with some image that I have looked for this occasion. The comment is related to the published posts about trenches and their supports and that you can see in:Leer más


The Vacuum Sewerage Systems are mainly used in the areas where the use of gravity systems is too expensive or in environmentally sensitive areas. They are reliable and flexible systems, and normally cheapest than the alternative systems in difficult areas. The infiltration and exfiltration are not produced in the vacuum systems. These systems are generally in coastal areas with a high rate of water and flat surface or in other areas where it is too difficult or expensive to install a gravity system.Leer más


The most important factor

The most important factor in an installation of plastic pipes is the QUALITY OF THE INSTALLATION, that is, the result of having performed according to the normative and procedures of good practice applicable in each case, for this it is essential to know them through a specific training. There is no point in having a good pipe if we install it incorrectly.Leer más


The slopes will be adapted, as far as possible, to the topography of the area. Normally it is taken the general rule that the slope must not exceed 4 m/km (4 o/oo), but sometimes it results very difficult to keep it. It is frequently used drop shafts or rapids to reduce the slope, but when it is not possible, it is necessary to provide abrasion resistant materials.Leer más