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The expression ‘Smart City’ has been used in the last few years to refer to the cities which care about to reduce the environmental footprint, using the technology to be more intelligent and efficient in the use of the resources. In this regard, the Trenchless Technology plays a key role as it is an essential tool for the sustainable development.Leer más

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In which applications can have higher use the No-Dig Technologies?

The first thing to take into account is that during the last 50 years it has been developed in the city countless of canalizations, collectors and drainages. Formerly we were used to see how it was installed on the surface the poles of telephone lines, the electrical wires, the high voltage towers, etc., while now the tendency is to bury all these kinds of installations. Many high voltage lines are already underground; the cities have networks which are wider and wider of optic fibre that go underground . . .Leer más


“The Trenchless Technologies offer very efficient technical solutions”

This post is based on the interview that David Muñoz of did to Domènech Pintó on the 21st October, 2014 and that according to its content I have considered interesting to include it in Blogplastics.Leer más


By Jordi Camps Querol, Mechanical Engineer, Catalana de Perforacions SA.

Contractor Catalana de Perforacions was awarded a project to install a new electrical wire connection between Ibiza and the Mallorca Islands.

The heart of the project was located at Cala Talamanca bay, a tourist hot-spot on Ibiza Island. In the project’s original planning, three drilling shots of 500 m were envisioned to install the cable. Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) was chosen as the preferred technique for the project in order to overcome undercrossing the reef, which was also a protected area within the Poseidonia Prairies – an ecological tourist attraction of the island.Leer más


The punctual reparations of the pipe will be normally executed by opening a hole in the damaged spot and repairing the pipe from the exterior. In under certain circumstances it can’t be accessed to the spot in question for several reasons, because it is under a railway, an important highway, a building, etc. so it must be repaired without the opening of such hole, that is, it must be repaired from the internal side of the pipe itself el interior.Leer más


• Fittings for outlets

Instead of using metal fittings or expensive reduced tees, it is already possible to perform PE outlets for suckers or other elements of the network both in the shop and in work, such as it is seen here. It is important when we want to do an outlet from a huge PE diameter.Leer más


We remember you that the System Standard EN 12201 specifies the general aspects of the system of channelling at pressure of polyethylene (PE), main and service systems, for buried and aerial applications, intended to water supply for the human consumption, including the water before subjection it to treatment, the sewage and sanitation at pressure, the systems of vacuum sanitation, and the water intended to other uses and it is applicable to PE pipes, fittings and valves, its joins and joins with components of other materials intended to be used in the following conditions:Leer más