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The geothermic conditioning is a much more efficient system of conditioning than the conventional systems that, besides, are classified as renewable energy. This technology is widely developed in many countries of the European Union, United States and Canada. The market of the shallow geothermic energy or of low enthalpy (whose direct product is heating, cooling and/or sanitary hot water) started its development in Spain around the year 2004.Leer más


Geothermic Energy

The geothermic energy is the utilization of energy stored in the way of heat under the solid surface of the Earth. From the Greek “geos” = earth and “thermos” = heat.

Some 4.500 millions of years ago, the Earth was an immense burning ball made essentially of gases and dust. When that nebula cooled and consolidated, some 3.800 millions of years ago, a hard crust was formed which caught inside a huge quantity of heat, which nowadays still persists making the planet an enormous natural boiler.Leer más


The transformation of the plastic materials by extrusion (pipes) or by injection (fittings) allow us working with very tight manufacturing tolerances that make it easy the tightness of the different elements of plastic material which are part of a water network (sewer, supply, etc.). Such small tolerances can’t be got with other kinds of materials, for example of cast concrete.Leer más


For the cold and hot water supply

Traditionally, the market of domestic pipes has been dominated by the pipes of copper and galvanized iron, although in the last few years the plastic pipes have experimented a significant increment in their use in this market. In some parts of the world, the cooper is still the dominant material although it is decreasing its use due to the increase of its cost and the robberies to melt.Leer más