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Black Hostalen CRP100-RD is a high density polyethylene and it is designed to meet the technical requirements for new drinking water systems. This material has got an improved resistance against disinfectants and provides excellent resistance to stress cracks combined with good long term hydrostatic resitance.Leer más


drenotube® is a drainage perform which substitutes the classic drainage system. It is composed of 4 elements:

Grooved pipe – corrugated of doubled wall HDPE for the water conduction and evacuation. For the connection of the modulus it is included sockets of quick plugging. The external and internal diameter of the pipe is 110 mm and 90 mm, respectively.Leer más


Parameters to take into account

• Source of the water excesses

The water excess in a soil can be due to different factors like:

– Excessive precipitation.
– Irrigation water.
– Underground filtrations of adjacent areas (for example, adjacent reservoirs).
– Capillary rise.
– Flooding through channels or natural flow (on low areas).
– Use of water with special purposes (like the leaching of salts and temperature control).Leer más



The system of draining pipes is used for the elimination of the accumulations of waters due to the rain or the filtrations of the soil.

The action of the drainage is necessary in different situations in civil, sports and agricultural fields. The water-logging or saturation of soil water which makes difficult the movement activity or the consolidation of the areas necessary for roadways or exercises of sports activities, agricultural facilities, etc., need the treatment through the proper drainage.

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