Why using Trenchless Technologies (NO-DIG) with plastic pipes. IbSTT


Pipes, as well as building facades, need to be rehabilitated within a few years. Between 25% and 40% of existing pipeline networks in Europe need to be rehabilitated, to avoid causing damage to human life and environment.

The significant cost of pipes replacement, added to the difficult working conditions on urban roads caused by increased wheeled traffic, make that used technologies in the pipelines renovation, through (NO-DIG) Techniques, present an economical solution and favorable environment.

Any work of repair or rehabilitation of potable water pipelines and sanitation, made by the traditional method, causes unpleasant impacts not only for traffic of vehicles and people, but also and primarily for work neighbors, especially shops, which cost is difficult to assess, but in any case it is important.

Why trench opening if there are better solutions?


1) In this Street traffic  flows normally, but…what would happen if you had to install or repair a pipe?

2) Look at the “invisible city” beneath our feet, drinking water pipelines, sanitation, sanitation, gas, electricity, telecommunications, etc.


3) In the worst case…a big ditch next to buildings and big traffic jam and pollution.

4) Here it is, the same repair is being carried out using (No-Dig) Technology.

There is no problem for wheeled traffic!

There is no problem for the city´s people!

IbSTT is the Iberian Association of Trenchless Technology (STT-Society for Trenchless Technology), established with technical-scientific purposes and not for profit in 1995 which promotes the use of trenchless technologies in the urbanization works – especially on the occasion of the installation or rehabilitation of pipelines- As long as it is technically and economically feasible, in order to safeguard, protect and improve:

  • Safety in the works, either for operators or pedestrians.
  • Tranquility of neighbors and, in general, of users.
  • The environment and sustainable development.

The IbSTT main objective is to promote “Trenchless Tecnology” to make, among others, the following Works: Installations, inspections, maintenance, locations, renovations and replacements, related to buried pipelines and networks of all services such as: wáter distribution, gas, naitation, electricity, telephone, cable television, irrigation, drainage, optic fiber, etc..

Trenchless Technologies for a sustainable progress and development: “Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising future generations´ ability to meet their own needs”.

Trenchless Technologies are recognized by the UN it its:

Plan 21, Chapter 43, Section 34.1

Ecologically reasoning technology transfer, cooperation and capacity increase.

Ecologically reasoning technologies protect the environment, they are less polluting, use all resources in a more sustainable manner, recycle more their wastes and products, and handle residual wastes in a more acceptable manner than the technologies that they have come to replace.

The IbSTT is organinizing the 32nd Edition of the World Congress and Universe Exhibition on Trenchless Technologies (NO-DIG) to be held at IFEMA Show in Madrid from the 13th to the 15th of October 2014.

More information in this event in www.nodigmadrid.com

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